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Don G. Brentwood 7/24/13

EXCELLENT!!!! THE BEST SERVICE I have ever used! I am a bachelor that has a town house condo in tell you the truth I am a slob...i work late hours and when I get home I am so tired I just fall apart...Thank God for la maids....they clean my and even my friends and family think that I am clean freak!!the joke is on them...i am a mess without la maids...they are extremely professional..friendly and trustworthy...when they arrive I am completely confident in them....I would recommend them to to my family,friends and anyone that wants first class service...Thank You La maids

Dave H. Los Angeles 7/24/2013

I began using LA Maids because my other housekeeper wasn't able to keep the scheduled appointment and I was hosting a party that evening. I called LA Maids and spoke with Paul; he went above-and-beyond to help. He was able to get two housekeepers (Eunice & Juan) dispatched that same day. That was three months ago and I'm still using Eunice and Juan from La Maids to clean my condo every two weeks. They do an awesome job -- always on time, detailed and friendly. Thanks LA Maids for the extraordinary service!

Evelyn O. Marina del Rey1/25/2013

I've been using this company for a couple months because I was diagnosed with arthritis and it is very difficult for me to clean. I love everything about this company. From Denise who is very profesional and always friendly, to the cleaning crew that does a WONDERFUL job. My sister has also used them in the past. That's how I know about them. She told me they double charged her account and Denise immediately fixed the mistake. So no need to have a hissy fit. I love them and will continue to hire them. My place always looks spotless when they leave.

S.M. West Hollywood 12/1/2012

I rarely write reviews but I had to comment on LA Maids. I have been using them for the last year and I'm always impressed. They get the job done and always exceed my expectations. I highly recommend using them.

Gail W. Los Angeles 10/31/2012

They took a house that looked terrible made it live able AGAIN!!! I am in tears especially being on Disability right now. thank you LA Maids.

Lisa M. Los Angeles 10/29/2012

The couple arrived promptly. They were respectful and polite. The house was covered in dust after recent construction. They did a good job restoring order. Precisely what I would expect.

Sunshine L. Long Beach 10/26/2012

omg what a wonderful crew. they were very methodical and clean, took direction well and did everything i asked. i will use this service again. even the phone people were wonderful!

Zayda V. Los Angeles 8/8/2012

Tired of having independent people coming to clean and be careless, ibhave children at home and cleaning is crucial to me. I decided to look into a company instead for the accountability and peace of mind. I have two toddlers and 8 months pregnant it has become difficult for me to clean my home. Bathrooms are the most difficult for me right now Contacted LA maids and have been in contact with Denise who has been very helpful and pleasant over the phone. Scheduled a 2 1/2 hour and was moderately pleased. I'm assuming my home was a bit messy but hopefully the second time I can see better results. The couple who came was pleasant. Overall I was pleased.

Larissa S. Gardena 7/30/2012

I loved them!!!! I have never in my life ever used a cleaning company. My mother never used a cleaning company when we were growing up. I am currently on bed rest and 8 months pregnant and also have an 18 month old. I am in full swing of my nesting period. As many of you know when a woman is nesting, nothing is ever clean enough. I decided that because I was on bed rest, I would hire a cleaning service to come in and do all the cleaning that I could not do. I called LA Maids, and had a great experience booking my appointment; the customer service was very pleasant. I got the chance to explain in detail everything that I wanted clean. On my appointment day, 2 very nice ladies showed up on time, with all of their cleaning products (which are all organic). I went over my cleaning expectations with them again and walked them around the house. I left for my doctor's appointment, and when I returned a few hours later, my house was actually sparkling. I love LA Maids, even though I originally was only going to use them as a onetime service, I have now changed my mind and will be using them on a bi-monthly basis. I have already recommended them to everyone I know. I just wanted everyone else to know how great they are. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The team leader that was sent to my house is Paula V. absolutely a delight!!!

Abbi F. Los Angeles 5/30/2012

This is the first time I've ever hired a cleaning service, and I have to say I was relatively pleased. The contact person Denice was thorough & nice in answering all my questions. The two people that came to do the cleaning were thorough & polite, and did a wonderful job. They were right on time - 11:30am on a Wednesday.

My only (tiny) complaint is that one of the cleaning persons was allergic to cats, so i had to lock mine in a spare room for the two hours they were here.

To Whom It May Concern, I received a deep cleaning from Liz’s crew on Saturday, 4/28/12, and I can recommend Liz and her crew in confidence, especially for a deep cleaning. I had employed my last housekeeper for 15 years and never knew my condo could look as clean as it did on Saturday. I currently own a 1 bedroom, 1 bath 1000 square foot condo and Liz and her team worked on the condo a little over 2 hours and made my house sparkle. I have a new appreciation for the word clean all thanks to LA Maids.

Amy K. Mandeville Canyon April 30, 2012

Over-all the 2 people that were assigned to my condo were fantastic!! Not only were they 10 min early (much appreciated) they were thorough and professional. Very nice people! I did have one question though. Thank you very much! And I look forward to having your company come clean again!
Breann H. Torrance
April 27, 2012

So glad I found LA Maids and shopped around to get the best cleaning service for the best price. I was really happy with how well the maids cleaned my place, which was, quite frankly, a small disaster upon moving out. They were on time, reliable, meticulous, and listened to all of my requests. In the time it took me to run a couple errands my apartment was beautiful and in move in condition for the next tenant. Thanks so much for everything! I will let all my friends in LA know that LA Maids is the way to go.

Samara K. West Hollywood April 26, 2012

I was very happy with your service. Elizabeth was great and kept things clean and moving. i will definitely consider using you again. best,
Susan B.
April 9, 2012

Hello Denice, Thanks for checking back with me - my husband and I were thoroughly pleased with the service you provided. Both Paula and Glenda were super thorough and pleasant. I would like to know how much it would cost to have the service every 3 weeks for 2 hours - on a regular basis. Thanks again! The house feels super clean!

Vinita K. Pasadena April 9, 2012)

Jimmy and Blanca were great. Put gold stars in their employee files. -
Susie C
Hancock Park
April 7. 2012

Denice- I am so pleased with the final cleaning of my son's apartment. Tony, Maria and their team did a fantastic job. They were professional and very nice people. The apartment sparkled when they left. They worked very hard. Thank you for a job that was extremely well done. I will be calling you again.
Anne Edwards
West Hollywood
April 4, 2012

Hello - I just wanted to compliment the team that cleaned our house today. This is the second time that we have experienced their service and they are exemplary. The job that they did was amazing and they are all really nice to work with. Thanks so much!
Angela D.
West Hollywood
January 28, 2012

My experience was very good. They were cooperative, courteous and thorough. I would like to have service again next week.
Carol L.
January 21, 2012

Hi Denice, I was very happy with the work that Jimmy and Blanca did at our house. I hope I can have them come every other week.
Dawn C.
January 16, 2012

That was the best cleaning job i have ever had!!!!!! thank you so much!! best,
Vanessa P.
Manhattan Beach
Jan. 6, 2012

"I would like to thank your staff for their nice work. Your staff performed very thorough cleaning, was prompt, professional and courteous." G. Spahr
Rancho Park
Jan. 14, 2012

Hi Paul, Jimmy and Blanca were fantastic. Will definitely use them again.
Sharon B.
West Los Angeles
Nov. 20, 2011

Hi! I just took your online poll. The maids did a great job! Thanks!
Sherry G.
Hollywood Hills
Nov. 19, 2011

Hi Paul, I just wanted to let you know that the team you sent over did a great job. I may be calling again in a couple of months in preparation for Christmas. Thanks again! And have a happy Halloween.
Allison C. del Rey
Oct. 23, 2011

Paul, Thanks and the crew were very nice and did a very good job.
Don S. West Hollywood
August 06, 2011

I was very pleased with the service. LA Maids was quick, efficient, and respectful. Their staff is very polite. They do what is asked and even some extras too.
Kent S.
Silver Lake
Dec. 13, 2010